Ed Koch Backs @RoryLancman in #NY6 Dem Primary Due to Israel

Ed Koch Writes: “On the issue of supporting the state of Israel, while I am certain both Grace Meng and Elizabeth Crowley do support Israel, I have found Rory Lancman’s knowledge and insights to be superior on what has to be done on the part of the United States to provide our ally Israel with security against its many enemies in the Mideast region and protect it from the existential nuclear threats of Iran. I believe Rory Lancman will be a great asset to the New York delegation and will serve the people of the 6th C.D. in the best possible manner. – NYDN

  1. Reuvenboruuch

    Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch keeps on switching his position….. or is he????
    First, he backed Mr. Bob Turner, a Republican, in a race to replace Anthony Wiener when Congressman Wiener was forced to resign his position due to the scandal that surfaced regarding his inappropriate usage of his Twitter Account.

    Then, President Obama had a meeting with former Mayor Ed Koch, and Mr. Koch stated that he was satisfied with President Obama’s reassurances that he would stand by Israel.

    Now Mr. Koch has decided once again to support one candidate over another, based on his stance on Israel.

    has he once again changed his position, or is he doing it to show the public that he really does care about Israel, and behind the scenes made some sort of deal with President Obama to endorse him & help him win the Jewish vote in exchange for some sort of reciprocity if President Obama is re-elected?

    Mr. Koch… which way are we going??? If you truly care about Israel, you cannot endorse President Obama for re-election,since he has demonstrated over & over ,that he says one things, but does another…..

    Have you read any news articles which come out almost every day (from well known & respected web sites) which detail President Obama, and the ways he is undermining Israel??? I wonder….

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