Williamsburg – In Fight for Grants, CJC Has Long Way to Go Before Reaching UJO

The community services organization UJO is considered to be closely aligned with the Zaloynim faction or Satmar, while the CJC is considered to be aligned with the Aroynem. Based on how much funds each of the two organizations were granted in the NYC FY2013 budget, one may conclude that the CJC has a long, long way to go before they reach the long-standing successful record of the UJO.

UJO will receive a total of $313,625 from FY 2013 compared to only $27,500 for the CJC. The UJO funds (eleven times larger than the CJC funds) are spread between seven grants, the largest being $200,000 from the Brooklyn Delegation. CJC will receive only three grants, the largest ($20,000) coming from Councilman David Greenfield.

  1. Why does everything always have to down to “MONEY” ?

    From Washington to City Hall every elected official whats to say how much “MONEY” they have to give and give it to those who support them it seems.

    They all say these are worthy groups and deserve our “TAX DOLLARS”

    Just because they support “ME” does not mean it a ?

    Before there was the “Oracle of Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli
    Power to the People who “VOTE”

  2. The Aroynim have votes but no power in Willi

    • the power is in every vote. what do u think cjc does with their money? yes u guessed he doesn’t give it to the aronim he gives it to himself. ujo is in service for you even though you are an aroiny his books are open for decades for all to see. so you have power indeed

  3. Mosheandesther

    for your info , the brooklyn delegationis co-chaired by greenfield , so he gave or approved 10 x for ujo what he gave to cjc

  4. Heimish Men

    UJO is a organization dated back in the 60′s, & serves all Williamsburg, even the Aroinim getting their need there. Rabbi Niederman never refused any help for any jews, even he don’t vote for the candidates in his favor, & even he helped the Aroinim school get the Child-Care program.

  5. Yossi, do you know by any chance how many full time employess UJO and CJC have?

  6. Yossi please take down your bloody hands from williamsburg politics. you lie that UJO is zaly, you know better than this that CJC has only one guy Chaim Wertsberger and UJO represents “everybody” even non Hasidim from out of williamsburg that come for help in their sociel services like immigration, job fairs, educational programs food stamps and medicaid and food distribution for the poor and so fourth.

    How dare you ignore that even the Aronites aint supporting CJC they have Gery Shlesinger trying to get funds to his pockets soloely as the founder and owner of an org named UJCAre.

    Please Stop your miss information on this blog you don’t live in williamsburg and you have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to our politics and leadership.

    Rabbi Neiderman has run the government and social relations of our community for the last 5 to 6 decades he has always had the support of every single williamsburg resident, until years ago the elder brother Aron couldn’t get the satmar leadership from his younger brother zalmen but rabbi niederman has no obligation to fight for for anybody he serves whoever is in power and thats why you Aronites are mad.

    Yossi you write in Der Blatt the aronite newspaper they pay your salary its very unprofessional that you don’t put a disclaimer for the world that you work for the aronites to intimidate rabbi neiderman with supposedly objective analyses against him and his loyal devoted public service. Shame on you.

    I may also add that g-d forbid the aronites gain any power in williamsburg they will harass and arrest their foes daily like they do in upstate NY unlike Rabbi neiderman that will never use any power political or financial to hurt a fly only to help the aroniets will use every penny from the government to burn down their disdents houses and surpress their adverseries so please whoever reads this garbage or crap like yossi likes to call it pure twisted lies from Yossi Gestetner should tell him to stop his bloody campaign for the Aronites in willi when they get everything they want from rabbi niederman and instead ask Yossi to help the disadents get freedom from the aronites in KJ who are daily arrested and suppressed.


    • I am not sure how this article is an attack on Rabbi Niderman.

      • when u compare hitler to rabbi niederman as far as how much money they both have u atack rabbi neiderman. when u say what else is the difrence that u r objective. CJC has nothing in comommon with UJO and u know it. why did u compare them as far as funding numbers?

        also when u say that rabbi niederman is a zaly and CJC is aronite u try to atack rabbi neiderman. yes he is maybe more pro zaly inside his heart than pro aroiny but you have nothing to prove that in an objective political analsys that try to paint it. there is no proof that rabbi niederman has taken any side as far as proactive in the satamr dynasty struggle and there is every evidence that CJC is a young lunatic who fights only for Arton to be satmar king.

        why do u attack rabbi niederman? all the while u deny that u work for the aronites? bc u r a whore with no dignity and no morals whoever pays u the penny to feed ur addiction to hurt others ows u. shame on u!

        and as we all know nobody payes u u just work like mark levin for free his first few years on the radio show thinking the aronites will someday pay u…. haha dont die waiting they r a bunch of loosers with indig schlesinger and wertsberger all fighting to be rabbi neidermans shadow. have u seen todays times its indig’s face so run to him for money good luck he owns the whole town money from his bankrupt construction company now he is a waiter at rose castle… come on r u really not any better than those dogs?!

        repent and stop acting like a baby thank u

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