NY7 – Apparently, Absentee and Affidavits Were Already Counted

It appears that the absentee (455) and Affidavits (272) of New York’s Seventh Congressional Districts were already counted and are in the current unofficial numbers from the Board of Elections.

With the added ballots counted, the BOE gives 6,206 votes for Dilan in Assembly District 50 which on Election Day was at least 90% Jewish, and it gives 3,774 for Velazquez. If you shave off ten percent as being non-Jewish votes, Dilan won 5,585 Hasidic votes (62%) in the main Hasidic voting District of Williamsburg and Velazquez won 3,396 Hasidic votes (38%) to a total of 8,981 Hasidic votes between the two in the main Hasidic voting area.

As I indicated yesterday, many hundreds of Hasidim voted in other Assembly Districts that are part of this Congress seats. In those sections of Williamsburg, the Aroynem/Hasidic Velazquez voters are clearly a stronger percent than in AD50; exactly why bias people ignore those ADs altogether. But with this fact in the calculation, the debate is on whether the Aroynem reached 40% of the overall Hasidic vote during the last election or not (likely it did). Either way, it is not the 46% I wrote on election night (due to a pro-Velazquez error by the BOE), but it is above the 33%-35% of the Hasidic vote that Aroynem had in the past.

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  1. u shmuck now its a “debate” from declaring them the “winners” and than to saying “only perhap”s and now agreeing u were fooling ur blog-readers. have u ever tried shuting ur mouth? the aroinim will never pay u. tnx

    • Chill chill don’t b so angry it won’t help u any way

    • Who said the Aroynem are not winners? They used to have 33-35, now they have 40 percent of the vote. suck on it.

      • א היימישער איד

        עס איז א גרויסע דערגרייכונג פאר די אהרונים, אז זיי האבן צובאקומען אזויפיל היספאנישע אלס מעמבערס אין די קהילה

        מזל טוב אהרונים וויליאמסבורג!

    • א היימישער איד

      פליז, נישט אראפרייסן ר’ יוסף. א טעות קען יעדער מאכן, און ער האט למעשה צוריקגעצויגן דערפון.

      עס איז אלץ בעסער צו פירן א געהעריגע דעבאטע אן קיין אטאקעס.

  2. Didnt the Zalis say they had 7,000 votes? That ortohodx pundit guy who counts non jews in his math, gives dilan only 6200 votes.

    • א היימישער איד

      They have bring out 7000 votes, but since most of the Affidavits & Absentee Ballots weren’t counted because of technical errors.

  3. why add the 10% non-jewish votes equally to Dilan and Vqs, when in other election districts they voted 95% vqs and 5% dilan?

  4. it is still a big win for velasquez cosidering the zalmi smeared her as a anti semite a disgrase nydia is very special person

  5. א היימישער איד

    what u mean 10%off for non-jew votes?

    in all other Districts Velazquez had a big margin higher than Dilan.

    I would say that from Velazquez votes u have to take off a 30% for non-jews votes…

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