Op-Ed: Mr. President, I Care About My Job, Not Romney’s Bank Accounts!

Dear Mr. President,

I’ve been following the 2012 campaigns recently, trying to shape my decision for whom to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. What I saw from your campaign ads made me very uncomfortable to pull the lever in your favor in November.

You strongly touted the fact that you created 4.4 million jobs since you took office.  But Mr. President do you know that according to the records of the Deptartment of Health and Human Services – in the period from 1985 till 1994 there was an annual birth rate of between 3.6 and 4.1 million babies born in the United States? this means that millions of Americans are entering the working age every single year that you were in office. This means that more than ten million people entered the working age in your first term and are looking for jobs. Indeed, 4.4 million of them found jobs (if you ignore the first sixteen months of your term when jobs were lost). Your 4.4 million jobs still leaves millions of people without work, thus we have record high Unemployment.

Mr. President, I read in the news that in the last few months you spent over $85 million to tear down Romney rather than to explaining what you did to improve the economy in your first term, and what you plan to do to improve it in your second term. Mr. President, you keep telling me that you “inherited” a bad economy, and it’s Bush’s fault, sorry, Bush’s worst year was way better than your best. For example, unemployment never reached 8% under Bush, and never went below 8% since you’re in office.

Mr. President, I don’t really care what’s on Mr. Romney’s tax return; I just care what’s on my tax return, and I don’t see how you are helping me in that regard. I don’t care when Mr. Romney left Bain Capital, I care about when I lost my job, and when I will find a new one, and I don’t see how you are helping me in that regard either.

Mr. President, I don’t care where Mr. Romney keeps his money, I care about when I will have some money to save.

Mr. President, I don’t believe that if someone is wealthy he is automatically out of touch with regular Americans. I do feel that you are out of touch with regular Americans if you can spend $85 million on ads that are irrelevant to the pain of millions of Americans.

Mr. President, the job of Mr. Romney at Bain Capital was to bring back financial returns to his clients and to those who entrusted him with their money.

His job was to do anything in his power to turn the companies he took over into profitable entities. If that means that he had to outsource some jobs due to the unfavorable business climate in the U.S., then that was his solemn duty to his clients. He delivered on his promise, and he had more than a 80% success rate creating thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars of profit for those who put their trust in him.

Mr. President, millions of Americans put their trust in you to create jobs, improve the economy and offer them a piece of the American dream. You failed us miserably! We are millions of jobs short, we are a nation in despair, and tens of millions of us are far away from the American dream.

To restore some confidence in us, the voters, tell us about your plans that are relevant to millions of Americans, rather than attacking Mitt Romney.

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  1. is the name of the author a mistake? it looks like yossi could have written it.

    • No mistake here. Yossi is not the only one here on Gestetner Updates, on the right side of the spectrum. This article was written by me.

  2. So I suppose the President is like a cat and can only do one thing at a time? The guy even has a staff to help him remember darn near everything.

    How is the authors memory???

    At least this guy has a job, and more people are getting jobs now every month than are reporting losing them, and this was NOT the case 4 years when this President took office. ago.

    This person should be darned grateful we elected a President with a much larger world view than ‘we have money problems, lets stop in our tracks and curl in the fetal position, and those who survive are obviously chosen’.

    Probably darn lucky he also knows you cant start two major wars, give a huge tax cut, not raise revenue and expect everything to trickle down into place..

    This President has done a darn good job with what he had, and things are finally getting better. This guy is worried about his job, with the likes of Vice President Cheney saying on Friday Mitt is the only man to get us through the next crisis in Dick Cheney’s head..


    • Funny, Despite his ax cuts and two wars, Bush debt – when GOP had full Washington – rose by 1/4 than what it does under Obama. Plus, as the article writes, the UR under Obama’s best month is still worse than Bush’s worst!

      • Huh?

        Clinton – HUGE surplus.

        Bush – Whoops, there it goes.

        • Clintons surplus was thanks to the republican congress with Newt Gingrich as speaker. they didnt sign any blank checks.

          • Dont forget that Clinton ran against those “cold” Republicans who want to kill you but then took credit for those budgets that he opposed every year before being forced to sign!

        • Honestpolitics

          Do you know how to not divert the conversation from the point? The point of this article is that instead of attacking Romney’s bank accounts, he should be making all these points instead. As a bonus he points out why he’s not making one of those point-because it doesn’t work (and the same for all that you say).
          But you instead of dealing with his point (that the president should be talking about the economy, not Romney’s accounts), you want to divert the conversation. you want to go backward-not forward (to borrow the presidents words), and quote half facts about bush and Clinton.
          So i would suggest you ask your candidate to start defending his record from conservative “distortions”, as conservatives asked Romney to do with Obama’s attacks, instead of attacking Romney with things that are irrelevant to American voters.

  3. another melodramatic crybaby post from a conservative.

  4. Thetruthisoutthere

    Who could trust Romney to get their job back? The guy has no morals, no character, and unless you’re a billionaire, isn’t going to care one bit about your job. The economy was decimated by people like Romney and it is slowly coming back. We were on the verge of the next great depression thanks to guys like Romney. And you want to give them back the reigns? I’m willing to stick this out with a guy leading us forward not back to all the Bush era b.s. I’m a small business owner and I see the economy picking up here in Florida..as do people in lots of other states. It’s happening. If you don’t care how your money is made invest with a guy like Romney..but being president isn’t about just 1%. It’s about the guys who carry a lunch pail to work and Romney destroyed them. Don’t expect him to care about 99% of America.

    • Verge of GD? Bull! Economy coming back? Bull two times over! Most numbers are worse than 95% of Bush’s years!

    • You don’t sound like a small business owner to me. You sound like a Occupy Wall Street’er to me. According to president Obama even if you have a small business, someone else made it for you.

      This president never in his life created a job, has no clue what it eans to look for or hold a regular job, has never made a payroll, and therefore will never in his life be able to create any jbs.

      You have to go through the struggle of business to be able to understand it and help it. Thats why unemployment is skyrocketing.

      President Romney will implement policies, so at small business will be taxed and regulated less, so they can invest their extra capital, in hiring and expanding their business, and grow e overall economy.

  5. Mr president you keep on saying you inherited a bad economy and that’s why its so bad, I don’t need you in office to say things are bad I could do your job even tho I don’t have any degrees amd didn’t go to yale or where ever you were, to brag four years about how bad things are I can do as well, we needed someone that will do action when coming into office and you promissed you will, knowingly how bad things are, and now you say what?

  6. Great Job!

  7. The author of this article is a fool or a republican or both. Plain and simply put, Romney us a lying weasel, a crook, and a creep. It’s best that Obama publicize that truth about Romney so that we don’t find ourselves stuck with Vulture capitalist (Gordon Gecko) Romney running the country. If Romney becomes president then the author of this article may find Romney outsourcing his job to some foreign country and then he’ll be wishing Obama was still the President of the US.

    Go Obama!

  8. Bad enough that the Stupid Voters do not see Obamacare, no energy policy that works, debt-deficits, taxes-regs-spending, dissing of Israel and other allies, border horrors but they believe Pubs want rape, dirty water and that Bama is not the cause of …his own eco. disasters. Yikes. Unless common sense voters come out in droves to vote for real free enterprise answers via Mitt-Ryan, the nation will lose is status as a free republic. Period.

  9. JustinDemoude

    Even at the expense of “the little guy”, Romney’s job was to milk some piece of capital, human or otherwise, for all he could get. Bravo, and the little guy is STILL paying. For an excellent counter-point to the above article please see

    PS: Obama has already created more jobs in four years than Dubya did in eight. Or is that why Junior wasn’t in Tampa last week? The lesson the GOP still has to learn is that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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