Orthodox Jewish Approach to Obama is ‘Childish,’ Says Well-Known Operative

Ezra Friedlander Writes: in the Jewish Press: The Orthodox community act(s) as though history started four years ago with Obama’s inauguration, and that his opposition to some Israeli policies and his sometimes rocky relationship with Netanyahu are unprecedented and frightening developments.

As a non-partisan observer who works and enjoys professional relationships with politicians on both sides of the aisle, I have watched our community’s shrill and even childish approach to the Obama presidency with not a little consternation. Let me make one thing perfectly clear: The relationship between the United States and Israel is as American as baseball and apple pie, transcending policy differences and personality clashes.

Perhaps support for Israel was once primarily a Jewish issue. Not anymore. Today, the vast majority of Americans identify with the Jewish state, especially evangelical Christians whose fervent love for Israel often puts American Jews to shame. This little country has undeniably emerged as a powerful presence, and its relationship with the United States is indestructible. We are, so to speak, joined at the hip.

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  1. Think Kislev. Think Chanukah or purim for that matter. Mordechai and Esther had better connections than Ezra Friedlanser. All tibtichu bnidevim. Don’t be foolish. Apple pie spoils suddenly and with little warning

  2. Now that obama made some very pro israel statements and its after the elctions will people still say that obama is anti israel? I hope not! We were wrong and Friedlander was right!

    • And few days layer asks Israel to tone it down or did you forget that let me ask you if someone was actively shooting Moslems in your directions and England would tell us to tone down response you would agree that England supporting us despite telling us that they are? Or would you want England in this hypothetical situation to actually help us or shut up with their opinions. That’s how bibi feels

  3. People have to understand: ALL President at one time or another take issue with Israeli policis so why r they making a big deal when Obama disagrees with BIBI?

    • It’s not about disagreement look at carter and Clinton. on face good to isreal. once left office they blame isreal in peace process cuz no longer in office so no need to cover up true feeling. while you never found bush senior junior or Reagan change positions once they left office cuz they genuinely liked isreal. Obama was caught while in presidency saying has no patience for bibi how do you think he will be once he doesn’t hold office. As of right now in his own word about a year ago ” both sides equally to blame” how do you think his view will evolve pro palistian once he leaves office.

  4. Gestetener you are the KEY CHILD that Ezra is talking about. For 4 years, due to your lack of education, and your lack of historical knowledge, you have willfully lied to klal yisroel, bringing up a generation of tipshim like yourself who can’t understand the difference between lies and propaganda and truths and unbiased journalism.

    You have been a child and a propagandist and lately it was never seen more clearly as you have refused for 3 weeks to publish the most important article ever written about the U.S, and Israel relationship which summed up all publicly available info that the informed among us already knew about.

    • Tell me dummy: When was the last time I said a bad word about Obama regarding Israel? If you need to throw-up go to the bathroom; dont dome here. In fact, I argued many times here and on Twitter that GOP wont go anywhere with the Jewish Vote if they focus on Israel, but you arogant fool has never noticed these articles and tweets.

      Leave me alone and go defend Obama’s economy which is worste than 92 of Bush’s 96 months in office.

      • you for three weeks you will not publish the most important article on israel and the U.S. relationship by Efraim Halevy because either you are purposely incompetent or you are purposely suppressing the news. Youve said bad words about Israel in publishing the posts over 4 years.

        You selectively suppress real news Klal Yisroel should see so they arent reading all the liars you cohorte with like propsaganidt Tobin, pripsagandist liar Anne Bayefsky, propsagandist Shoshana Breyem, Propagandist and liar Caroline Glick ( she might be the queen).

        if you are so inncoent you should do the right thing and have a fact checker who knows something decide if the article is merely rhetoric or is disseminating lies about hx to the Klal

        • leonard i have to admit that u sound really l intelligent and educated especially wen call names on people who dis disagree with you. typical liberal

      • where did you get this language? runnning a blog riquires you to have a cleaner tounge.

    • As president, Carter brokered the historic peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. But since he left office, he has become increasingly critical of Israel. His 2006 book, “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” claimed that Israel’s settlement of Palestinian land was the primary obstacle to Mideast peace. The book sparked widespread outrage in Israel.
      Carter and the delegation also expressed concern about the ongoing divisions between the main Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, and vowed support for a Palestinian observer state status bid at the United Nations General Assembly in November.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/10/22/jimmy-carter-says-two-state-solution-is-vanishing-condemns-settlement-expansion/#ixzz2CbWFGX7f

      One on Clinton to combat the bush point a CBS story some history for youhttp://www.cbsnews.com/2100-215_162-20110523.html

  5. Few Points Mr Friedlander:

    To say this on the Orthodox Community as a whole – includes yourself as well,
    So im not sure who you have in mind when you say this, a few Buchirim on Twitter? well they are children after all, are you referring to Dov Hikind? i might agree with you but he is in politics longer than you are,,,

    So please explain yourself,

    And to say that “The relationship between the United States and Israel is as American as baseball and apple pie.” i agree with that, but you cant blame anyone for saying that the way Obama acts hes trying to undermine that bond – his whole foreign policy approach is a disaster and not American,

    Just look where he comes from? who raised him, and where he got is education from and you will understand everything about this man, Nice guy just not your typical american boy,

    • ניינציג פערצענט האבן געוואוט פאר ראמני יוכיח

      BTW Mr Friedlander, great article!!

  6. Oh, And please explain what you mean by this – “As a non-partisan observer”

  7. i hallways thought that Ezra Friedlander is smarter than this. he just made up hes own facts and builds a whole building on that. he sounds a bit childish

  8. Please read the entire link and you will see that the article in the Jewish Press is exactly what hisrory is all about

  9. The only point in that article worth contemplating is that no alliance is guaranteed.

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