Obama Economy: 40 Year Old NY Hebrew Day School to Close

The Rockland Journal News Reports: The Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day school in New City, New York, announced plans to close at the end of the academic year, officials confirmed this morning.

The school, which was founded in 1971, serves children from pre-school to eighth grade and provides a dual secular and Jewish education.


The school informed other Jewish institutions in Rockland by email late Tuesday night.

“Like every single not-for-profit, they were hit with declining financial support because of the bad economy,” said Micki Leader, a board member of the JCC of Rockland. “It’s tragic. Many families are bereft.”

Bluestacks Android Emulator Download For Windows 10 PC

What is Bluestacks? It is one of the best free android emulators available. It emulates android systems allowing installation and running of android apps and games on windows and Macs PCs. It completely converts apps enabling you to enjoy your favorite app on Fullscreen.

With the evolution of Bluestacks, you don’t need an Android device anymore to run Android apps. Bluestacks allows you to run favorite apps and even video games such as candy crush saga, Clash of Titans, and What’s app messenger from your PC. Bluestacks provides access to an enormous array of possibilities for any pc user, allowing you to run all kinds of Google play apps meant for Android systems, on your pc.

Bluestacks uses propriety and patented technology. It shifted to the open source model based on the virtual box. With over 300+ million users, Bluestacks Android Emulator is the only android emulator that is supported by Samsung, AMD, Qualcomm, and Intel.

Bluestacks interface enables you to merge different features on your virtual device. At the same time, it permits you to download and install a countless number of apps in just a few seconds. It provides an opportunity for the working class to stay connected on their computer without frequently having to switch their attention to different devices. Everything you do on your phone and tablet is transferred efficiently to your computer system.

You can completely configure the Bluestacks user interface to suit your needs. Furthermore, it skillfully integrates with other custom software experience that has been developed and designed by pc companies. This feature automates performance sync which spontaneously adjusts the performance of your PC. This way, you are provided with the best proficiency in any app you run or any game you play while you are using Bluestacks Android Emulator.

It comes with a system that is easy to use and control directly from your mouse. Clicking replaces tapping and gestures by mapping specific actions on to your keyboard. Keyboard mapping is one of its famous features where it allows customization of the game controls by the users. You can set controls like set keys for swipe click and press play, and play the game with your keyboard setup or layout as if it was established by the PC itself.

When it comes to playing games, Bluestacks has surely outdone itself. It has this unique feature that allows you to play as many games as you want at the same time. The games run like opening different tabs on chrome or any other browser. Permitting you can play all those favored games that you like all together. The seamless transition provided by Bluestacks app player delivers additional details and clarity when you are playing your preferred Android game on a full-sized monitor.

download bluestacks for windows 10

Special features presented by Bluestacks includes the ability to sync apps on both your phone and the window app through a cloud-connected app, sideloading apps via double-clicker on APK file from your desktop, and exchanging files between window and Bluestacks. If you need an app on Android and not in windows, Bluestacks is your best bet. It will help to deliver a built-in familiarity with Android on your PC and Mac. This is a smooth process without lags or bugs.

How to Download Bluestacks FOR Windows 10?

  1. First, you need to go to the Bluestacks official website.
  1. Click on the “Download Bluestacks 4.40.10” button. Here you will be able to download Bluestacks EXE File.
  2. Once the EXE file is successfully downloaded, click the EXE file to open the offline Bluestacks installer as administrator and run it.
  3. At the first step of installation you will encounter a message “By clicking Next, I accept the terms in the license agreement.” Click next to accept.
  4. The next step involves you choosing where the Bluestacks Data will be stored. The default location is usually location C., But you can select your desired location.
  5. In the next step, you will be provided with two checkboxes. Box number 1 will enable Bluestacks to access the App Store. Box number 2 will allow the application to Communication. Enable the two checkboxes and then click “Next.”
  6. Next step will be the installation process; it will be indicated by a progress bar. This process may take just a couple of minutes.
  1. On completion of the installation process, a checkbox will appear. It will give you an option of enabling the Bluestacks to run after closing the installer window. Enable the option and then click the “Finish” button. From there the Bluestacks window will open, although it might take a few minutes.

How to Download Bluestacks Android Emulator on MAC OS

  1. For Mac OS it’s quite simple. First, download the Bluestacks DMG file.
  2. Go to the downloads folder in your Mac and open the downloaded installer.
  3. You might get a popup message “System Extension Blocked.” You will have to click on “Open Security Preferences.”
  4. The next is to click Allow on “Security & Preference “settings to fix the problem.
  5. Drag-Drop app icon to start the installation process.
  6. Wait for the installation to finish and begin enjoying Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Bluestacks Android Emulators Alternatives

  • Geny Motion
  • Nox
  • Dolphin
  • Koplayer
  • Windry
  • You wave
  • Andy Android Emulator
  • Android-x86
  • Droid 4X Official

Top Movie Apps Like MUBI For Android, iPhone, iPad

Here are the apps which are similar to MUBI app. These will work exactly the same as this app. You can try them one by one and choose the perfect app accordingly. I’m explaining about each of the apps here, so stay focused and know about them.

MUBI Alternatives

1) Crackle

Crackle is another game according to the apps like MUBI app, more than 25 million enthusiasts love this award-winning app that is easy to use. Crackle supplies excellent content that is new on a monthly basis. Signup, pay and simply reach on films, TV shows and comics.

2) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video for Android – With this particular program you’ll be able to see your favorite TV shows, animations, and intriguing films completely easy on the internet. Generally, by the will of fortune, we’ve got to be away at his personal computer and home.

3) Hulu

Hulu for Android is used to see films online without limitations, Popcorn Time is an excellent application which allows one to watch far-famed films without downloading. The movie app Hulu is simple to install on android smartphone.

4) Feeln

FeeLn app has been acquired multitasking skills and it is available for Android now, the android programs are ruling the entire IT and software development firms because of the exceptional characteristics. This improves the market values of apps that are android development and the increase of android raises.

Other Apps:

5) Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an astounding app developed for appreciating films and TV Shows on Android, iOS in every single platform as well as on PCs. In the particular tutorials on the web, Tubi TV Installation techniques are included to get movies on Android/iOS.

So, those are few amazing alternatives for the app called MUBI. I belive that you found my article helpful. If you know any other apps, do let us know by posting a comment.

Run MUBI Movie App To Watch Movies & Television Shows

MUBI app for Android is a fantastic discovery for those who are love to watch movies and TV shows. It’s a complete entertainer that sounds quite familiar among movie streaming app. The MUBI app is compatible with PC, cellular telephones, tablet computers and all the Android apparatus.

MUBI Download

The MUBI program was created to ease the spectators to easily enjoy their preferred shows with no exertion and exhaustion. And it’s extremely easy and simple to install and follow you may not require any complex downloading techniques.

Run MUBI App To Watch Movies & TV Shows

This era is famous because of its smart technology and simple success supplied to the consumers and MUBI is among the most recent technological progress. It’s popular in the kids as well as adults and its own popularity is rising daily.

And now follow below scenario, simply install a new version of MUBI. You first must fully take away the non-working program of MUBI app if you install it and install MUBI app on Android or iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, this time MUBI app updated to stream content.

The old version is almost doesn’t differ from updated. As like previous version new one might get errors so guys if you come to cross any leave comment.