NY8 – Hikind: Towns Endorsement Of Barron Slap In Face For Jews

Councilman Charles Barron

Hikind PR Via VIN News: “Ed Towns has either gone mad or this is a belated April Fools joke in terrible taste,” said Hikind. “Our communities have stood with Ed through thick and thin and now he destroys his legacy by endorsing someone who is as radical as they come? Someone who hates Whites? It’s a shock and an embarrassment. I’ve always considered Ed Towns a friend and now he stabs us in the back.”

Hikind pointed to Barron’s statement that he’d like to slap the nearest white person an example of what Towns is inviting into Congress. “Barron wrote an editorial praising Muammar Gaddafi. He won’t salute the American flag. The list goes on and on. This is the type of person Ed Towns wants as a lawmaker? It’s either a bad joke or its insanity.”

  1. Barron compared Gaza to Auschwitz. He was an active member of Black Panthers radicals. He wanted to rename the street in Brooklyn after late racist Sonny Carson. Barron gave a NYC Proclamation to Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe and demanded reparations to blacks for slavery.

    He is an embarrassement for Brooklyn and New York.

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