Report: Romney Camp Threatened to Block NYGOP Chair From Taking Stage at Convention

BuzzFeed Reports: Representatives of the Romney campaign threatened to prevent New York State party chairman Ed Cox from taking the stage at the national convention in Tampa unless he installed the delegates they’d chosen, sources familiar with the encounter said.

“The Romney people gave Ed Cox their list of people they wanted to have be delegates,” said one Republican operative familiar with what happened. “Cox was like I’m not doing that, I’m doing my people.”

“The Romney people were pissed at him,” the operative said, adding that the Romney representatives had plans to “replace Ed Cox as the person with the authority” to introduce the New York delegation at the national convention.

  1. Romney’s campaign is acting like some sort of Boston Mafia! And they have already preformed numorus RICO ACT (rackeetering) violations in the last 8 months. Is THAT who we want as President? ANOTHER CERTIFIED CRIMINAL???

  2. Talk about threats & intimidation!! Romney & “crew” should be run out of NY with their britches on fire!

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