BREAKING: IBD: Romney Leads 44-40 Among Likely Jewish Voters!

Partial Screenshot of the IBD Poll
*Small sample size. Interpret with caution

Despite losing some ground to Obama in the TIPP/IBD’s Daily tracking poll of Oct. 11, the poll of likely votes shows a dramatic, unprecedented shift among likely Jewish voters, with Romney overtaking the lead from President Obama for the first time.

According to the 5 day polling sample, taken after the denver debate, Mitt Romney garners support from 44 percent to Obama’s 40 percent. 16 percent remain undecided.

CHART: Obama Attracts 53% of Likely Jewish Voters in Average of IBD Polls

  1. IBD presumably interviewed 25 Jewish voters

  2. I remember one of the first official photos of Obama after he was sworn in. It was a photo of Obama with his feet propped on the desk showing the bottom of his shoes while he was talking on the phone. The caption read: President Obama speaks on the phone to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

    That was a message to the muslim world. Bottoms of shoes are a high insult in that part of the world. The Israelis caught on and got that message.

  3. I clicked on the actual poll link, and it had Obama up among Jews 64-36.

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