Rockland Journal News Publishes Map of Hasidim Licensed to Own Weapons

LoHud.Com, the online version of The Rockland Journal News is under fire today from national conservatives news sites for publishing maps of Rockland, Putnam and Westchester Counties, detailing the exact name and address of all those who are licensed to carry and/or only to own weapons. The paper claims it’s perfectly legal. What has caught the eyes of some in the Jewish Community, is the map of Rockland County where 31% of the population is Jewish and most of them Orthodox.

The Rockland Country map for example gives you the names of many Hasidic Jews, including some in the Hasidic Village of New Square who are registered to carry a gun. To be fair to the Editors of the paper, in no way did single out the Jewish Community. However one cannot help but look up addresses in
“Jewish Areas” to learn who is licensed to carry a weapon or simply just to have one.

  1. U mean “single” out. Not signal. Right?

  2. The Journal News did it before in 2006 At that time they didn’t publish the street address.

  3. You have no brains yossi…… Why do have to tweet that ? To inform all chasidishe people that there neighbor has a gun ???? They wouldnt know otherwise how many chasidishe guys reads the journal news, you need to apologize does guys especially the individuals who need it for parnonsah (property managment etc.)

  4. No, Yossi’s intention was to alert you to get weapons and get ready, chas v’sholem if you might need it one day for protection! it’s not a joke this is serious stuff what’s been going on in our backyards…

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